In “Love Island. Love Island”, participants can only make sure … that they cannot be sure of anything. This was also the case this time. In the penultimate episode, viewers voted Ola and Jeremi to leave Paradise Island. However, this was not the end of the changes. Just moments later, Commander Carolina Gillon She announced that the next couple who will deposit the program will be chosen by the participants themselves. In this way, Alexandra and Dave invited the program.

Program participants, in conversations among themselves, suggested that this time at least one handsome man visit the villa. None of that. The next day, two more players appeared on the island.

Love island. Dominika Wróbel – who is she?

The first of them, Dominika Wróbel, is 24 years old and has lived in London for a long time. She works as a model. Appeared in the ninth edition of “Ex na Beach” in Great Britain. The blonde immediately caught the attention of Marcin, who had long dreamed of meeting a successful and confident girl, because he himself belonged to very shy people.

Love island. Zira Ahmedova – who is she?

Zira Akhmetova

The second song to join the islanders is Zera Ahmedova. It owes its original name and exotic beauty to its Turkish and Bulgarian roots. It turns out that Zera was the ideal of the female beauty of Masig, who immediately wanted to get to know her better. Will real feeling unite them, and will Masick forget his current partner? We’ll find out soon enough!

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