CSU poisonous party conference in Bavaria
Merz: Schultz is the ‘most disrespectful advisor’ of all time

Federal President Steinmeier will deliver a State of the Nation address on Friday. There are no significant representatives from the federal government and the Traffic Light Coalition at Bellevue Palace. At the CSU party conference in Augsburg, the leader of the CDU, Merz, made his opinion on the matter clear.

The leader of the Christian Democratic Union, Frederick Merz, accused Chancellor Olaf Schultz of disrespecting unprecedented in his political work. “We have never had a chancellor in Germany who treated his coalition partners with such disdain, treated our state institutions with such disdain, treated our neighbors with such disrespect, and treated our international partners around the world with such disdain,” Merz said. In his speech at the CSU party conference in Augsburg.

Merz accused the entire Traffic Light Alliance of disrespecting Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. in Steinmeier Talk about the main challenges at this time On Friday at Bellevue Palace, no parliamentary group leader from the current government was present, and no member of the Federal Government felt the need to be present. “It’s a level of disrespect for our head of state that I didn’t think was possible.”

“Back to square one”

In his speech, Merz once again declared that the Union was the most important German party. He said they returned after a year of opposition looking at the ballot boxes. “We are back in first place in Germany.” In the RTL and ntv trend scale, CDU/CSU currently owns 28 percent. That’s 4.1 percentage points higher than last year’s federal election. The Green Party at 20 percent (14.8 percent), the Social Democratic Party at 19 percent (25.7 percent)

In order to be able to convert these poll values ​​into election results, Merz and CSU President Marcus Soder The unity of the two fraternal parties. Merz said 2021 should not be repeated. This was the answer to the dispute between the CDU and the Christian Social Union: “Conflicting parties are not elected.”

Sodder also emphasized that if you stand together, you will be successful. The Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Christian Union, Friedrich Merz, have a common idea and philosophy about what Germany should be heading for, said the president of the Christian Christian Union. In Bavaria, a new state parliament will be elected within a year.

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