Northern mayors rejected Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s new vacation plan for businesses that have been shut down by locals Corona Virus Restrictions, arguing that the financial package is “insufficient” to protect communities across northern England.

Mayors have urged MPs to call for debate and vote in the House of Commons on the package and push for greater financial support for hospitality workers.

It comes Boris Johnson He is expected to deliver a statement to lawmakers on Monday unveiling new restrictions and a three-tiered system of local lockdown rules.


United States: Dr Fauci warns of large-scale gatherings as Trump prepares to return to rallies

The top US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has again warned of large gatherings of people without masks as Donald Trump prepares to return to the campaign trail.

Trump plans to hold another large crowd meeting outside the White House on Saturday after his treatment for the coronavirus earlier this month.

This comes after President Rose Garden announced that Amy Connie Barrett would announce his candidacy for the Supreme Court on September 26 as a “super-spread” event for Covid-19.

“I was not surprised to see an event so widespread given the circumstances,” said Dr. Fauci of the Rose Garden event.

“A crowded, crowded place that does not wear masks. It is not surprising that we see an outbreak.”

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North Korea: Kim Jong Un praised the soldiers for “ stopping the Coronavirus ” at the parade

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un praised his country’s army for its assistance in efforts to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The North Korean government has not reported any domestic Covid-19 infections yet, but South Korea and the United States have questioned the country’s apparent success in minimizing the impact of the epidemic.

Our reporter, Katie Anderson, Has the full story below:

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To get frustrated with the UK government in parts of the North this weekend, here’s a dossier Yorkshire PostCartoon today …

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Papa John is investigating claims worth £ 250,000 in order to aid fraud

Fast-food chain Papa John’s is investigating allegations that a franchise has fraudulently demanded taxpayer money from the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Achieve by daily Mail The franchise owner allegedly claimed more than £ 250,000 in fake meals during the scheme in August

Our reporter, Liam James, Has the full story below:

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Burnham suggests that the government deals with the pandemic like a public relations campaign

Burnham said at a news conference on Saturday that the councils have not given a “good reason” why the domestic closed zone financial package has not been more generous.

“The only conclusion we can reach is that in the beginning, when everything was” all it takes, “he said, that was when it encompassed the entire country, and we might say, the south of the country.

“Suddenly when it comes to the North, it’s not all it takes anymore, it’s what we’re willing to spend.

“In fact, it is about treating parts of the country as second-class. It is about treating some workers as second-class citizens.”

He added, “That’s why you are hearing this response today. We don’t have that.”

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The open letter from the mayors of northern England to the government can be found in full below:

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Burnham: I will not rule out a legal challenge

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said he would not rule out a legal challenge against the government if lawmakers could not compel the chancellor to provide greater financial support to businesses affected by the local shutdown.

I will not rule out a legal challenge. Why do we accept hospitality workers who are somehow second class citizens? Mr. Burnham said, “I don’t accept that.

“This goes to the heart of everything we care about.

“Northern England begins its most dangerous winter in years.”

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Liverpool City District Mayor Steve Rotherham said the government should offer to pay 80 percent of individual wages to companies that have been shut down to control the spread of the coronavirus.

If 80 percent is the correct benchmark in March, nothing will change. “If it is true, it is now,” said Mr. Rothram.

He added that the government could not do the closure “cheaply.”

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Mayor says imposing restrictions without adequate support is “simply unacceptable”

The mayor of Liverpool City Hall said imposing new restrictions without adequate support was “simply unacceptable”.

Steve Rotherham said his city was “in the same boat” as others in the north of England being restricted.

“We are really talking about life and livelihood,” he said.

“Imposing new restrictions without adequate funding and support is simply unacceptable.”

Andy Burnham added that the timing of the proposals could leave people without any financial support for several weeks, with some of the first payments only due in December.

“That would leave people without cash for six weeks and could lead to severe debt and suffering,” Burnham said.

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Below you can find Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s comments on the government jobs subsidy scheme:

Andy Burnham: ‘Accepting the Chancellor’s Deal means handing our residents into hardship’

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