In the past, the whole country lived through its own struggles. Andrzej Gołota is one of the best Polish professional boxers in history. He was at the absolute top when he fought multiple times for the world heavyweight belt. Millions of Poles watched his battles in the United States in front of television sets.

After Golota’s career ended, he resided with his entire family in Chicago. Andrzej does not have a social media account, but Mariola talks about his daily life, which feels like a fish in water on Instagram.

The legendary boxer had a secret that his wife revealed on social media. Mariola revealed that Andre is a huge football fan. He also has his favorite club, which he supports a lot.

It is not a Polish team, nor any world football giant. It is the Chicago Fire, a club from the present-day city of Gołoty. Andre appeared on the occasion of the “Firefighters” match with FC Cincinnati, which Chicago lost 1: 2.

The former boxer was well prepared for this encounter, appearing in the club’s jersey and scarf. This season, Gołota didn’t have many reasons to be happy with his team’s cheers. The Chicago Fire is the worst team in the Eastern Conference in the United States, winning just 2 out of 11 games.

Jolota’s great career

Andrzej Gołota has, among others, a bronze Olympic medal, a European Championship and four Polish heavyweight titles. His tally was 41 wins (33 early), 9 defeats (6 early) and 1 draw.

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