A prominent US virus expert criticized the White House for hosting what he described as a “super-spread event” linked to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert and White House member Corona Virus The task force also criticized Donald Trump’s use of the word “cure” when discussing his recovery from the disease.

A number of Trump’s aides and allies were positive Covid-19 After attending Rose Garden event Where the president revealed Amy Connie Barrett for his selection to the Supreme Court.

Dr Fauci appears to confirm speculation that the ceremony was a “super event” that injured several people.

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Conway shook hands during the event before testing positive

When CBS News asked him if masks were effective in curbing the spread of the coronavirus, Dr Fauci replied: “I think – the data speaks for itself.

“We had a high-speed event at the White House and it was in a situation where people were huddled together and not wearing masks. So the data speaks for itself.”

When asked about Mr. Trump’s use of the word “cure”, Dr. Fauci continued: “We have no indication – I think you really have to rely on what you mean by the word” cure “, because that word leads to a lot of confusion.”

Dr Fauci also said he did not believe the fact that the president was heard coughing during an interview with Fox News on Thursday evening was a cause for concern.

He continued, “When they recover, most people recover well. In a linear fashion they get better and better, which is what the president seems to be doing.”

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“But having a little persistent cough is not at all unusual as someone recovers.”

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The senator gave hugs at the event before the positive test

Trump spent three days in hospital after being diagnosed with the Coronavirus on October 1.

Attendees were seen embracing, beating their fists and not wearing masks at Saturday’s party before Trump revealed that he and the first lady had tested positive.

Guests sat in tightly packed chairs that did not appear to be diverging, with some of those who tested positive since then sitting close to each other.

People at the Rose Garden event who have tested positive for coronavirus
People at the Rose Garden event who have tested positive for coronavirus

In the image above, the people marked in red have tested positive for the Coronavirus, as has Mr.Trump.

a Melania Trump

B – Killian Conway

C – Chris Christie

Dr Reverend John Jenkins

H – Senator Mike Lee

F Senator Thom Tails

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Donald Trump is scheduled to speak At an event in Florida on Monday as he was back on the campaign lane after being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

An official from his campaign team said the president was also expected to address his supporters from a White House balcony on Saturday at an “law and order” event.

Mystery shrouds whether Trump is still contagious, and White House spokeswoman Kylie McCannani said that medical checks will ensure that when the president returns he will not be able to transmit the virus.

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“He wouldn’t be there if he could transmit the virus,” she said.

Dr Fauci also said he was sure Mr Trump’s doctors would not allow him to leave the White House without further testing.

Mr Trump’s expected return to the campaign trail comes despite the fact that his second debate with his presidential rival, Joe Biden, will not continue.