Singer Paul Heaton has been praised after a recent Q magazine editor revealed the support he provided employees upon closing the post.

Ted Kessler wrote on Twitter that Heaton donated a “large sum” – which was shared among 40 employees – shortly after the magazine was closed.

“It was really the most kind act, selfless and amazingly generous,” he said, adding, “For some, that means a bill can be paid.”

The team commissioned a final Q Award to present the singer as a way of thankfulness.

Mr. Heaton thanked the post for their support over the years, wishing them all the best, after receiving the award Friday.

Mr. Kessler shared the story on the date the award ceremony was supposed to take place.

He wrote, “We booked a Roundhouse for two nights for Q Awards next week. We had no talent arranged when we had to cancel COVID in April, but Nadine Shah was in progress and the two parties were Liam Gallagher one night, Paul Heaton and the other Jackie Abbott.

“The only award we knew for sure was Paul Heaton, because we heard he didn’t win any.”

He added, “Think of all the great songs he wrote for The Housemartins, Beautiful South, etc. Millions of records sold. There is no Q (or Brit) award for writing his song. So we knew he was going to be a classic songwriter.

“Then, a few days after Q’s shutdown, we got a letter from him saying that to thank Q for all the support we’ve given him over the course of 35 years, he would have donated a large sum to thank us in the midst of our turmoil. Obviously, she politely declined.

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“He was adamant. Accepted the donation and shared it with over 40 employees and freelancers working for Q at the time, all of whom – like their minds – blew them away.”

“We finally got him this award. Greatest living pop star in Britain. A true legend,” Mr. Kessler finished sharing a picture of her.

After seeing Mr. Heaton heading Twitter, Another user added: “I’m not sure if this is general knowledge yet, so I apologize if I embarrassed him, but about 10 years ago the transmitter died at the community radio station, ALLFM and we couldn’t replace it quietly Paul wrote a check.”

After 34 years, the magazine of popular music Closed in July Because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.