To encourage its citizens to get vaccinated, the US government has set up a number of benefits, including Super Bowl tickets, savings bonds, and gift cards. But nothing seems to beat the $ 5 million prize pool that the governor of Ohio has dedicated to the lottery.

A few days ago, the whole world was excited by the idea announced by Ohio State Governor Mike Dwyane. He organized a sweepstakes for all vaccinated state residents, where one in five million dollars could be won. As it turns out, Americans can get a lot after getting vaccinated, including Super Bowl tickets, bonds, gift cards, and theme park tickets.

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Discounts and sweepstakes

This incentive for citizens to be vaccinated is a result of the US government announcing a plan that 70 percent of American adults are expected to have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by Independence Day on July 4 in the United States. And now she is doing her best to make this possible. Camala Harris invited influential actors and singers to collaborate, including Camila Cabello, Kim Kardashian, Joe Jonas, Lily Collins. They are helping convince young Americans to get vaccinated. State authorities and several US companies have joined the national campaign to promote the need for vaccination.

Nothing beats the five million dollar lottery prize money that the Ohio Governor has placed, but the other benefits are impressive, too. In West Virginia, state officials are promising $ 100 savings bonds for all people between the ages of 16 and 35 who have received or have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

On the other hand, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the discount tickets will be available to all people who have been vaccinated to many of the city’s famous sites and attractions. The list includes, among others: an aquarium, a botanical garden, the Bronx Zoo, access to public theaters for a small fee, the Lincoln Center, the New York City Ferry, and complimentary use of City Bike City bikes for two weeks. At his instigation, the network that sells Burger Shake Shack is offering free fries to all vaccinated people, and after presenting the vaccination card, you can also get a free donut from Krispy Kreme Cafes. In turn, the Lido Pizza restaurant chain announced that it will distribute 10,000 pizzas to Maryland residents who come to the chain’s premises after the first dose of the vaccine.

Free tickets

Washington residents are even more spoiled, as World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres hands out $ 50 gift cards that can be used at his restaurants. Pollinated beer lovers can definitely enjoy the work of a brewery that produces Budweiser beer, where everyone can get one free beer.

Illinois Governor offers 50,000 free fortified tickets to one of the largest theme parks in the United States – Six Flags Great America. In return, after receiving the vaccine, Chicagoans will get free entry to the Protect Chicago Music Series, which are held in the city throughout the summer. The NFL announced a bigger bonus, which will distribute 50 tickets to the United States’ most popular sporting event, the Super Bowl Final. People who have been vaccinated can apply for tickets and tell them in their own words why it is so important for everyone to get the vaccine.

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Additionally, to encourage Americans to get vaccinated, the US Presidential Administration announced that Uber and Lyft will offer free rides to vaccination centers by July 4.

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