Richard Wilbanks went for a walk with his 3-month-old gunner puppy on a sunny Sunday morning. As they passed by the pool, a crocodile came out of the water, grabbed the dog and quickly sank back.

Wilbanks immediately went to help his pet. He jumped into the pool, grabbed the creeper and opened his mouth with his hands. After a while, Gunner was free. The man rescuing the puppy did not take the cigar from his mouth for a moment, so it can be assumed that the retiree can control the situation and his nerves.

Richard Wilbanks told Fox News, “I acted instinctively to save my dog, and wrestling with a baby crocodile wasn’t a problem for me. Fortunately, Junner wasn’t seriously injured – just a minor cut.” The accident was captured by a camera installed near the pond by the Florida Wildlife Consortium in cooperation with fStop.

“We have to realize these are wild animals in their natural habitat,” Wilbanks said. “We share one place. On Sunday morning I was wandering around crocodile lands doing what they had to do to survive.”

The 74-year-old added that he had not reported the matter for fear the crocodile might sleep. He took the puppy to the vet, who reassured him that except for one injury, nothing had happened to him. However, for his safety, the pensioner was stabbed several times, and he was injected with tetanus.

Mr. Richard promised: “Next time, I will be extra careful when I take Gunner for a walk near the water.”

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