Not everyone is aware that the popular Google Maps app allows you to go incognito. This means that anyone can hide their location from other users. I do that?

The aforementioned mode was first introduced into the app Google Maps In 2019. After its activation, the user account will not save any information about activity, location and other data that is automatically assigned to a specific account.

After disabling the incognito mode, on Google Maps Users will start receiving recommendations and other activity-based data again. This feature can be turned on and off with just one button in the app. How do I do it?

After starting the application, touch your profile icon in the upper right corner. An option should appear in the drop-down menu Turn on incognito mode.

Unfortunately, in the aforementioned situation, some of the app’s functions will not be available to the general public. Among them were, among other things, the location history, directions, search history or your “places” function.

However, turning on Incognito in Maps will not affect how our activity data is used and saved by Internet Service Providers, other apps, Voice Search, and other Google services.

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