McLaren That has been confirmed to him The first hybrid production seriesThe car, called a High Performance Hybrid (HPH), will be launched next year as an alternative to its longevity Sports chain Line.

Woking described it as a “next generation” supercar, and the next machine will arrive in the first half of 2021 With a hybrid powertrain Based on a new V6 petrol engine. McLaren previously only used hybrid powertrains on top-of-the-range machines such as the P1 and Speedtail.

McLaren says the new HPH supercar is in the final stages of testing before its launch. While the technical details have yet to be revealed, McLaren claims it will offer “uniquely impressive levels of performance and an intense driving experience”. It will also offer “mid-range” electric drive only, which Autocar understands would be around 20 miles.

Autocar also understands the system in its new car Previously tested for spyware, It will be a plug-in hybrid, with power being sent from both the V6 turbo engine and the electric motors sent to the vehicleRear axle.

The new HPH machine will be built on the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) platform, which McLaren says has been optimized for the hybrid powertrain. She added that the new chassis takes the company’s lightweight chassis technology “to new heights”, which will be key to McLaren’s intention to minimize the additional weight due to the heavy batteries required for the electrified powertrain.

McLaren Automotive President Mike Fleuet described the new McLaren HPH, which has yet to be officially recognized, as “a new type of McLaren for a new era, an exceptional driver.”A vehicle that delivers superior performance with an all-electric range capable of covering most urban journeys..

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The HPH supercar is designed to settle between the recently launched GT and Super Series 720S, a mode traditionally filled by the Sports Series.

McLaren confirmed the Sports Series rating, It was introduced for the 570S in 2015It will be dropped for the new hybrid model. Which makes 620R Limited Range Engine The ultimate model in the line of the Sports Series.

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