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An expanded version of Chelsea Lazcanny’s wedding video, captured exclusively by Page Six on Thursday, proves the “Sunset Sales” star doesn’t play with the British accent.

Earlier this week, an advertisement went viral on TikTok titled “Chelsea Proof Fakes Its Accent” after it appeared just seconds after Chelsea swearing in with her husband Jeff Lazani during their 2017 wedding.

The clip shows a comparison of Chelsea’s voice from the recent “Sunset Sale” convention, which premiered on May 5, with her voice at weddings, which sounded less pronounced with a British accent.

Fans immediately thought the latest Netflix star was a scam based on a less than a minute snippet.

One commented, “I knew!!! There was one episode she was talking about and she slipped!! She went back to the OC accent.”

Another agreed: “I knew I didn’t stumble. That tone was wrong all season long lol.

Page Six has obtained an expanded version of Chelsea Lazcanny’s wedding video, Selling the Sunset, proving that she doesn’t fake a British accent.

However, some defended Chelsea and one noted: “I don’t think she’s faking it. People always drop out when they’re on the go a lot.

The longer version of the original Oath Swap shot, obtained on page six, shows that the pronunciation and intonation of her voice has always been similar to that of a British resident, especially when she speaks with words like “heart” and “can’t”. “.

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One fan argued, “That accent has been a flop every season lol.” Sixth page

In the film, Chelsea is heard saying to Jeff, “My heart cannot leave the first time my eyes meet you. You are to me a bewitching reflection of God’s heart.”

The seemingly changing accent of the reality show star has been a hot topic among fans of “Sunset Sales” since her debut in the fifth season of the hit Netflix series.

Even host Tan France, who is from the UK himself, asked her during the reunion.

A TikTok user shared just a few seconds from their 2017 Chelsea wedding video. Portiatuesday / TikTok

“My parents are Nigerians so I grew up in a house where my parents spoke with an accent, right?” Chelsea explained.

“I lived in London for the first 10 years of my life, then I moved to Switzerland, then I moved to New Jersey, then I moved to New York, and now I live in Los Angeles, so I was all about gaff.”

‘Gaff’ is a British slang term for ‘place’, so she probably meant it was ‘everywhere’.

The first sunset sale conference premiered earlier this month. Getty Images for Netflix

The Chelsea actress declined to comment on the expanded wedding video, but a real estate agent recently took to social media to respond to comments about her accent alone — as well as what she said to the 39-year-old.

“Since you brought me together about my accent…let me clarify……” she tweeted at the clip, seemingly receptive to the criticism.

She then added in a separate tweet: “I have lived in 3 countries (not 4) in 29 years. Born and raised in Great Britain. Lived in Switzerland and now in the USA 😊.

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Chelsea responds to criticism of its tone on Twitter

Chelsea concluded, “My accent is a mixture of all the places I’ve lived, but at heart I’m a girl from London.”

Research suggests that accents become permanent when children reach 12 years of age, but it is possible for accents to “change over time” or for adults to develop a “subtle accent” after living in a foreign country for an extended period.