In an interview with the Financial Times, Elon Musk raised the issue of Chinese diligence and compared it to enthusiasm for the work of Americans. CEO of Tesla and SpaceX (And maybe Twitter soon) He said China will soon create “some very powerful companies” thanks to its workforce.

The Chinese work hard, the Americans – not so much

There are a lot of super talented people who are working hard in China and have great confidence in it Produce – He said in an interview with the British newspaper.

The richest man in the world insisted on it The Chinese do not finish their work evenly at the whistle, but they do hard work without complaint, even at night.If needed.

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They won’t even leave the factory [po zakończeniu pracy – przyp. red.]While in America people try not to go to work at all, compare Elon Musk.

The Chinese really sleep at the Tesla factory

These words were not accidental. Last month Employees of the Tesla factory in Shanghai had to stay out after hours and even sleep in the factory. All due to the fact that production resumed after a three-week slump and the company wanted to close the supply gap in this way – Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the case.

In turn, American Business Insider indicates that the situation at the plant may change due to Technical workers are tired of this work schedule and rebelled against it.

“this method work It is very harmful to the human body. We’ve heard a lot of news in recent years about overtime deaths, but this distorted overtime system still prevails,” one employee wrote in his blog. “We can’t help but ask – is it really worth it to trade our lives for money?” – added.

BI remembers that the Tesla CEO was famously sleeping on the floor at the company’s Fremont plant while working on the Model 3. As he explained to Bloomberg in 2018, He wanted his working conditions “worse than anyone else in the company.”. “The more they were in pain, the worse I wanted to be,” he said then.