The former conservative of the Faith Congregation, Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, warned that the United States government, led by President Joe Biden, “with its concentrated political, media and economic power has been at the forefront of the most cunning and brutal campaign against – the Christianization of Western culture in the past 100 years.”

The cardinal also said that even in the Vatican, there are Catholics at the highest levels who “belittle the lives of millions of children” because of Trump’s flaws.

The cardinal revealed that one of his colleagues – that is, another cardinal or bishop – had told him that he should not cut everything short on abortion. In the end, Trump’s expulsion prevented a much greater danger, which could have pressed the nuclear button by this madman, according to Cardinal Mueller.

According to German Porborat, “Individual and social morals take precedence over politics. The line crosses when faith and morality contradict political calculations. I cannot support a pro-abortion policy just because it builds social housing, because for the sake of relative good, I have to accept absolute evil.

The Cardinal recalled the words of the Second Vatican Council from the Constitution of “Joy and Spirit”: “God, the Lord of life, has entrusted to people a wonderful service to protect life in a manner worthy of the human being. Therefore, from the moment of conception, it must be protected with the utmost care, while abortion and infanticide from unspeakable crimes “.

In concrete practical actions, Christians in Parliament or government are not always able to apply the natural moral law at all points, but they can never participate in evil, actively or passively. The cardinal said they should at least protest against it and resist, if possible, even if they are discriminated against.

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