The city council of ikovice Dzidzes considered the petition of the Union of Christian Families to be unfounded. The association demanded that the executive authorities in the city bear criminal responsibility for not removing the monument to the Brotherhood of Arms, which was demolished from Silesia.

  • In Czechowice-Dziedzice there is still a monument to the Brotherhood of Arms, which was placed there in 1953.
  • It was not helped by the so-called deconstruction law or even the voivode command regarding its removal.
  • The Union of Christian Families wanted to sue the municipal authorities in Czechovice for this.

The Union of Christian Families sent a petition to the city council in Czechovice-Dzidzes in October 2020. Two things were requested. First of all, “the immediate liquidation of the so-called monument of gratitude to the Red Army that remains in the public space.” It is the monument to Brotherhood of Arms, which has been located in the center of Czechovice since 1953.

The second assumption of ZChR is to hold city authorities criminally responsible. Monotheism, in its justification, refers, among other things, to the so-called Deconstruction Act of 2016. According to its provisions, local governments had 12 months to remove communist symbols from public places (names of streets, squares, or monuments were specified).

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According to the law mentioned above, if the local government does not remove the symbols of communism from its space within a year, the obligation can be enforced by voivode. This happened in the case of the Czechovis Memorial, and the Silesian Voivodeship issued an order in 2019. However, it should be added here, that if the symbol is removed before the voivode order, the local government can demand reimbursement for activities from the state treasury. In turn, the county itself, when interfering with a particular case, may impose costs on the municipality.

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– Therefore, causing significant material damage, that is, the necessity to cover the total liquidation of the obelisk from the city’s budget, resulting from the failure to implement the above-mentioned.

Law. Therefore, according to ZChR, it is a good idea to present your city council in

Czechowice-Dziedzice with appropriate notification of commission suspicion

Crimes of mismanagement at the expense of the municipality of ikovice – Dzidzes in connection with omission

Compliance with a legal obligation – we read the justification of the petition.

However, Board members decided not to support the ZChR petition and passed a resolution on the negative consideration.

– According to the explanations of the deputy mayor, Maciej Kucic, the mayor has taken steps to remove the memorial from public space. To date, no funds have been spent from the Cوفيتkovice-Dzidzes municipality budget to carry out this task. Therefore, the city council currently has no grounds to provide notice that the mayor may be committing the crime of mismanagement in connection with spending money

From the municipal budget for this purpose – we read the justification of the decision.

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