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Activists block a coal ship bound for the port of Gdansk

A huge container ship since whenSailing the Panamanian flag and owned by Japan’s Choi Kisen, the Suez Canal was closed on March 23. The accident sparked an international shipping crisis. More than 420 ships waited for a major shipping lane to open. Every day brought a blockade of the Suez Canal Egypt 15 million Dollars losses.

Egypt may request compensation for the blockade of the Suez Canal

Marwa Al-Salidar: I could have been a target because I am a successful woman

In an interview with the BBC, Marwa Al-Salidar, the first Egyptian woman with the rights of a captain, admitted that one day she started accusing her of blocking the Suez Canal on social media. It does not matter that during the siege, the 29-year-old served as a first officer on board the Aida 4 ship in Alexandria, hundreds of kilometers from the Suez Canal. She said, “I was shocked.”

The BBC refers to rumors of Al-Salidar’s involvement in the siege Suez Canal In response to footage of the alleged news headlines sourced from Arab News. The manufactured materials were posted on social media. Several fake accounts were also created using the 29-year-old’s name on Twitter and shared false information.

I felt I could be a target, maybe because I am a successful woman or because I am Egyptian. But I am not sure

Marwa Al-Sulaydar told the BBC.

The siege of the Suez CanalThe Suez Canal is now operating normally. The giant cork is finally emptied

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Egyptian society does not accept the work of women at sea

The first Egyptian female leader also admitted that she suffered from sexual discrimination at every step during her studies. “They were all older men with different mindsets on the ship, so it was hard to find like-minded people to connect with. The 29-year-old said it was hard for me to get through this on my own and to be able to overcome it. Without affecting my mental health.

People in our society still reject the idea of ​​girls working at sea away from their families for a long time. But when you do what you love, you don’t need to get everyone’s approval

– She added.

The siege of the Suez Canal. The reason was the captain’s improper maneuver

The Suez Canal was closed on March 23 before Cargo ship Who ever was given, who ran aground. The process of releasing the ship took nearly a week. The canal administration authorities stated that the cause of the accident was an improper maneuver by the captain, which coincided with a sandstorm and strong winds.

The blockade of the Suez Canal may have been the result of a mistake made by the captain of the container ship. A full report on this accident will be ready soon.