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The Doing Business Report is published annually by bank worldwide. She examined the terms of running a business in a particular country. Countries were compared, includingin a. In terms of the principles of starting a business, building the tax system, obtaining financing, foreign trade rules, provisions on debt enforcement, etc. The report has been a valuable source of knowledge, among other things, for foreign companies, governments or economists.

In the latest edition of the ranking, published in 2019, Poland ranked 40 (which means the third decline in a row). New Zealand came first, Singapore came second, and Hong Kong closed the podium. The top ten also includes: Denmark, South Korea, the United States, Georgia, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden.

Poland fell in the Doing Business rankings. We are ahead of Lithuania and Georgia

Doing Business Report. Show tampering audit

However, the World Bank announced on September 16 that it was finalizing the publication of the Doing Business report. The internal investigation revealed irregularities in the preparation of the list, which was to include, inter alia, the institution’s director general in 2017-2019 Kristalina Jorgoa (the head of the International Monetary Fund since 2019) and the head of the World Bank in 2012-2019 Jim Yong Kim. The investigation has been ongoing for more than a year and is the reason why the World Bank did not publish a new edition of the report in 2020.

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In the future, the World Bank announced that it will work on a “new approach to assessing the business and investment climate” in individual countries.

As the investigation showed, the manipulations were alarming, inter alia, slippage chin Top of the list in the 2018 edition of the ranking (published in 2017). According to a report published by the World Bank, Chinese policy makers are said to be unhappy with the drop to 85th place originally intended for China on the list. In the end, the Middle Kingdom was moved to 78th place. Georgieva and Kim were to negotiate with the Chinese to change the rating methodology and put pressure on World Bank officials to prepare the ranking.

The report published by the World Bank shows that pressure to improve China’s score in the 2018 Doing Business report coincided with negotiations on the recapitalization of enterprises by that country (increasing China’s share of the Bank’s equity). Georgieva, among other things in conversations with officials, was referring to “pluralism” and saying that the establishment would be in trouble if the negotiation campaign failed. In April 2018, the World Bank announced an increase in the capital paid by China by 13 billion dollar.

Georgieva does not agree with arrangements for doing business

I strongly disagree with the findings and interpretations of the data irregularity investigation in relation to my role in the 2018 World Bank Doing Business Report. I have already had an initial meeting with the IMF Board on this matter

– Kristalina Georgieva wrote in a statement.

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The investigation also revealed irregularities in Doing Business 2020 (published in 2019) in the case of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan.

In an interview with AFP, Paul Romer – a Nobel laureate who worked for the World Bank in the “Georgievig era” – said that while he was unaware of the pressure the report’s authors were under on China’s position, “he had doubts that such things might happen.” Romer left the firm in 2018 shortly after citing his skepticism about the ranking of certain countries in Doing Business. Its time ia around chile.

International humanitarian organization Oxfam welcomed the World Bank’s decision to halt publication of the Doing Business report, as it said some countries were weakening the law in order to improve their rankings. work or corporate taxes.

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