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Russian forces on the border of Ukraine. Ociepa: We are ready for all scenarios

European Union summit. Lithuania warns EU about Putin

Gitanas Nosida, who attended the summit of the G27 national leaders, expressed doubts about the proposal by Paris and Berlin to consider a meeting between EU representatives and Putin.

He also indicated that the European Union should be very careful because its relationship is not like that between the United States and Russia. – We have to deal with it RussiaBut at the same time be careful about the real intentions of the Putin regime, said Nosida, citing Reuters.

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Nosida warns: This will be a very bad sign for our partners

In his opinion, until now there was no obvious change in the way of behavior Russia. – Without any positive changes in the behavior of Russia, if we begin to engage in activities with this country, it will be a very bad sign for our partners – he said, referring to the situation of countries such as Ukraine and Georgia, that is, the former Soviet republics with very strained relations with Moscow.

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The summit was held in Geneva on June 16, during which talks were held between the heads of state – Russia and the United States. The talks ended with an agreement to return the ambassadors of each country. Putin and Biden exchanged gifts. The US President presented Putin with a crystal statue of the American buffalo and sunglasses. Turn, Russian President Biden gave a desk set made in the traditional Russian “chochłoma” technique.

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