Together with Siarhei Cichanouski, five people will appear before the Gomel court, including a presidential candidate in elections From 2010 Mikoła Statkiewicz. They have all been in custody for over a year.

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Bartosz Pelinya shouted for a minute from a podium in the European Parliament. This is how he was awarded the “Corpus Christi” award.

Belarus. The trial of S. Cichanouski is underway

Independent political analyst Raman Jakoliowski told Radio Poland that harsh punishment should be expected. – I don’t see any signs of a gentle treatment for Sechanowski. Unfortunately, you have to expect a severe punishment. Nor do I see any signs that an amnesty could be applied to those on trial today, Raman Jakulewski said. The regime accuses opposition activists, inter alia, of being a mass organisation riot – for which he was threatened with imprisonment of up to 15 years.

Sechanowski has been in detention since May of last year – wanted to run for president BiorosianBut he was arrested while presenting documents to the Central Executive Committee. He ran a popular YouTube channel “Kraj do życia”, where he posted interviews with ordinary Belarusians who talked about their problems.

“Soon Hell will freeze”

At that time, the decision to run was made by his wife, Svyatlana, who, according to independent observers, won the elections in Belarus (however, this election was rigged by the regime, and Alexander Lukashenka officially won with 80.1 percent of the vote) . Cichanouska runs opposition activities from Lithuania, where she was granted asylum. Earlier this year Prosecutor’s Office The Belarusian general sent a request to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Lithuania “to extradite Swiatlana Cichanouska to take criminal responsibility for crimes against the system of government, public security and the state.” Hell will freeze faster than we examine Cichanouska’s extradition request – said the Lithuanian president MSZ Gabriel Landsbergis.

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