Boris Becker has been in prison for nearly seven months. It is now said that he will be released and deported to Germany.

Boris Becker has been imprisoned since April 29, 2022. The three-time Wimbledon winner was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by Southwark Crown Court in London for hiding assets worth millions from insolvency managers. The penalty could be much shorter for the 54-year-old. The British newspaper “The Sun” reported that the former tennis star may be free soon.

The newspaper said he may benefit from overcrowding in Britain’s prisons. He is said to have been admitted to a summary trial for the early release of “any foreign national.” […] He is entitled to be released from prison and deported for up to twelve months prior to the earliest date of his sentence.”

“We are happy Boris”

A source reportedly told The Sun, “He has embarked on a program that means he will be home in time for Christmas.” A former Beckers spokesperson said: “We are pleased with Boris that he is eligible for early release and can travel to Germany, even though England has been his home for many years.” His family’s Christmas reunion means a lot.

April 2022: Boris Becker with his girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro on their way to court. (Those: IMAGO / Tayfun Salci)

Baker was initially held at the notorious Wandsworth Prison in south London. Eventually he was sent to Huntercombe Prison, which has a lower security rating. In the asylum for convicted foreign men, inmates have more freedom than in Wandsworth.