On the first day of his presidency, Joe Biden signed a number of executive orders. Many of them are concerned about undoing previous decisions made by Donald Trump. Biden announced, inter alia, The United States returns to the Paris climate agreement And to the World Health Organization.

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Biden removed Donald Trump’s favorite button from the Oval Office

Not all of the changes the new president has introduced are so important. Some of them are more cosmetic. For example, Tom Newton Dunn, a journalist for Radio Times, noted that Joe Biden performed a small realignment on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office.

As pictures taken by AP reporters show, one small piece of furniture has disappeared Red button in wooden caseThat Donald Trump has used passionately for the past four years to order his favorite drink – Diet Coca-Cola.

Everyone gets a little nervous when I press this button

– The former president joked during a 2017 interview The Financial Times and AP Agency. Then Trump decided to hold a small demonstration. He pressed a button, and after a moment a waiter appeared in the Oval Office and placed a cup of Diet Coke on his desk.

Donald Trump has never hidden his “love” for the famous drink, even though the former US president makes way for billionaire Warren Buffett, who drinks up to five cans of Coca-Cola a day.

Of course, the “red button” isn’t just for bosses to order cola. They use them whenever they need help. In the past, the button would appear, for example, on the desk of Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. Apparently, Biden has found another place for him.

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New Oval Office

Making changes to the interior of the Oval Office is already a presidential tradition. So Joe Biden is no exception. Apart from removing the “red button” from the new president’s office United States of America He also made another important change – he replaced the portrait of Andrew Jackson with paintings by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Photos of several progressive activists also appeared in the Oval Office – in line with Joe Biden’s political priorities. Includes portraits of Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Elonor Roosevelt, and Cesar Chavez.

The iconic Resolute desk, on which the Presidents of the United States sit, is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture in the world. This is a gift from the Queen of Great Britain-Victoria to President Rutherford Hayes. It was brought to the White House on November 23, 1880. Oak furniture from the 19th century British sailing ship “Resolute”. It weighs 160 kg.