Rzimovsky will be responsible for the ministry, among other things for issues related to educational supervision, public education and cooperation with school principals.

The new Deputy Minister of Education and Science is a member of Parliament for the eighth and ninth terms. Currently, he is a member of the Committee for Liaison with Poles Abroad, the Legislative Committee and the Committee for Regulations, Representatives’ Affairs and Immunity. He reached Parliament for the first time from Kukiz ’15 speech. In 2019, he joined Law and Justice and was re-elected from the party list.


He was working as a local government writer in Lublin. He managed the academic club of social and political thought “Vade Mecum” and collaborated with the KoLiber Association. He is the author of articles on legal and historical issues.

Graduate Graduate: European Local Government Studies at the Catholic University of Lublin and Accounting Holdings and Agricultural Institutions at Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Rzymkovsky also holds a PhD in Law.

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