According to the Observador, waiting for an average of several hours in emergency rooms is like the paralysis that struck Portuguese hospitals in February of this year. However, the radio indicates that it is together Far fewer patients are being treated in hospital. Wednesday evening, 971 people only.

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Portugal. Mess in emergency rooms. Omicron increases inflammation

Lisbon radio station noted this The chaos in the emergency rooms is a result of the Department of Health’s helpline administering so-called SNS24 to patients who test positive to hospitals (their health is assessed there, but not all of them are hospitalized). The phone line was overloaded for several days. “By the end of the second week of January, the line will be strengthened by training and hiring 750 new specialists, which is an increase of 15% compared to the current data (there are currently five thousand employees)” – responded. “From the beginning of the month to Monday, five times more requests were issued for exams and three and a half times more than in the last week of November” – it was noted.

In accordance with the plans of the Antonio Costa government, SNS24 staff will support a team of soldiers in the coming days.

According to the assurances of the Head of the Ministry of Health, Marta Temido, SNS24 will meet the needs of citizens in rapidly increasing conditions pandemic. – Our hotline will operate more efficiently and will bear the increasing number of reports of cases of COVID-9 – she said, estimating that on January 7, the number of daily infections in Portugal will reach 37,000. Cases.

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Wednesday Ministry of Health It reported that the country recorded a record number of daily cases – more than 26 thousand. The day before, there were 17,000 cases of infection. According to the Portuguese media, according to doctors, the omicron variant is responsible for about 90% of cases.


From Lisbon, Marcin Zatica (PAP)

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