The mural dedicated to Jan Kulczyk will be unveiled in Pozna in October. Łukasz Gruszczyński’s works will be created on the dormitory wall in the city center.

The businessman, who died in 2015, was, among other things, a philanthropist and patron of culture and sports.

The initiators of the project are the scientific and technical departments of Poznan, incl. Malta Festival, Adam Mickiewicz University, University of the Arts in Pozna or Henryk Wieniawski Music Association in Pozna.

“We would like to dedicate the mural to a man who was a patron of art, a commercial artist, a visionary and a dreamer. He was a man who believed in the education and development of youth – to this day high achievers and Ph.D. students can apply for funding from the scholarship program he founded,” said Thursday, Festival Director Malta, Michał Merczyński.

During the press conference, it was confirmed that Jan Kulczyk was involved in charitable work and the development of Polish sports in Poznan and in the country.

The artist from Pozna, Łukasz Gruszczyński, will be the maker of the mural on the wall of the former Polonez Hotel, currently at Student Depot Polonez.

“I could not refuse an invitation to participate in this project: a large figure, a large wall, a wonderful spot in Pozna, a clearly visible wall. I am only at the stage of getting to know the character of Dr. Jan Kolczyk, the project is just beginning. It is still difficult to say how this painting was created The mural.It will look–maybe it won’t be a picture, it will be a geometric composition, maybe some illusion of space,” he told reporters on Thursday.

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The mural will be created in September, and will be revealed on October 1.

“This amazing wall of more than 500 square meters is undoubtedly a challenge for the artist and producers. I really hope to create an important work that will artistically enrich the public space of our city” – said Merczyński.

Jan Kolczyk was born in 1950. Coming from Bydgoszcz, he was the most active Polish businessman in the international arena, and the richest polar with assets estimated at more than 15 billion PLN.

Participated in the largest transactions and ownership transformations in Poland, initiated and implemented large projects in the field of public-private partnership. He was an entrepreneur working in the energy, oil and gas, mineral resources, infrastructure and real estate sectors. He was also a philanthropist and supporter of culture and sports. He died suddenly in July 2015.

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