The video was posted on Twitter on Saturday 30 October and shows the current situation in Minsk. The video clip shows crowds of refugees moving through the streets of Minsk.

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“We do not agree with this,” “I beg you, help these people.” Warsaw protesting the situation at the border

Belarus. “Little Baghdad” in Minsk. Crowds of immigrants in the streets

The published material was recorded by Tadeusz Gekzan, editor-in-chief of the Belarusian opposition website Next.

“The area around Nymega Street in Minsk has turned into Little Baghdad. The International Airport in Minsk, yesterday, published a new schedule for the winter season. flightsAccordingly At least 55 planes from the Middle East will arrive in Minsk every week– The journalist wrote in the commentary on the recording.

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“They die at the border.” Kaczyński came to Wawel. face protest

As Giczan mentioned in the comment below the video about the steps he took Belarusian Embassies to issue visas. “The number of people who want to enter the European Union through Belarus is very high Belarusian embassies began issuing group visas instead of individual visas. Poland only in October border guards Banned more than 15 thousand. Attempts to cross the border another 5,000 arrested in Germany.”

The head of the local Ministry of the Interior of Belarus said that the activities of migrants in the region are under strict control

Friday, October 29, on the newspaper’s website.Kamyanikiga NaweniAn article has been published: Should you be afraid of immigrants? Viktor Wódzic, head of the local interior ministry, emphasized, immigrants They are under “strict control of the authorities”. He added that they are “setting up a camp and waiting for the possibility to continue on their way to Europe.” – Unlike that incident Will be withdrawn to their own countries – quotes Wodczyca portal.

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More about this Title We wrote in the articleRefugees at the border. The local head of the Ministry of the Interior of Belarus admitted that the authorities control the entire process“.

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