Telling a friend about Andrzej Zaorski is not enough. He was like a brother to me I had never had beforeAnd for twenty years marked by successive joint efforts, We were practically inseparable. She started in the magazine “60 Minutes an Hour”, which was invited as the author of aphorisms, but soon became the third column of the most popular entertainment programs on Polish radio. In 1981, only the Divine Liturgy was heard

– Remembers Marcin Volsky.

Then, for less than 5 minutes, Wolski recalls joint radio projects organized with Andrzej Zaorski and Zaorski in a nightclub, including with Wolski and Jerzy Kryszak. Television was another joint initiative New Year’s “Nativity scenes”, and finally the legendary “Polish Zoo” program.

In all of these activities, Andrzej was co-director with Jurek Kryszak. One of the main artists. The first reader of my texts is an inspiration and sometimes a censor. He taught me, without exaggeration, a sense of humor, tact and flair

– Wolski admits.

Andrzej Zaorski died on Sunday at the age of 79. A famous actor and satirist suffered a stroke in 2004, which left him paralyzed and drastically reduced his ability to express himself. He described his experiences in the novel “Hand, Leg, Brain on the Wall”, published in 2006 (it was published in an unusual way – as a book that reads from two sides, one of which described his sweet years of life, on the other hand a bitter life after illness).

You can watch the full farewell here:

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