Saturday in central Vienna again Shown by opponents of epidemic restrictions – Report to the Currier Gate.

Information about the Saturday demonstration “for freedom and against coercion” has been circulating for several days. They called, among others, to protest representatives of the populist right Austrian Freedom Party (FPoe) and its president Herbert Kickell The demonstration began with a speech. He explained that the demonstration was organized in cooperation with “different civil movements” – adds Corrier.

During the march, protesters used fireworks (mainly smoke candles). At one point, they threw chunks of ice and snow at the reporters who were covering the event.

Approximately. time. On the 18th, the demonstration ended with a march on Heldenplatz. There, the FPÖ chief again gave a short speech with smoke candles in the background. The Austrian national anthem was played.

“At that time, the police monitored compliance with the requirement to wear masks in public transport. During previous demonstrations, there were clashes between protesters without masks and passengers” – reported Al-Saei and added that a total of 32 collectionsSeven of them were rejected and one was rejected “due to an official error”.

Not all the demonstrations that were scheduled for Saturday were related to protesting the restrictions of the pandemic, but the one organized by the FPÖ was the most numerous – assures Corrier. Last Saturday, about 40 thousand people arrived in the capital. People to demonstrate against restrictions associated with the epidemic.

Safety was closely supervised during the display and compliance with applicable pandemic-related regulations 1400 officers. The Vienna police were supported by forces from other federal states, as well as officers from the Security Service, the Office of Constitutional Protection and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, informing the courier.

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