Play “Wujaszek Wania” der. Małgorzata Bogajewska, realized at the Ludowy Theater in Krakow, won the Grand Prix of the 14th International Divine Comedy Festival of Theatre.

As every year, the “Hell” competition section includes the hottest and best performances, according to the festival organizers, from all over Poland produced in the 2020/21 season.

They were judged by an international jury composed of: Oana Cristea Grigorescu, Haris Paśović, Katerina Evangelatos; Marina Davido, Rolf C.

“Uncle Wania” won the grand prize from the Ludowy Theater in Krakow. “Taking into account the proposals of the competition and the triumphal times of the post-drama theater, we would like to present the grand prize for a silent performance, somewhat in the manner of current theatrical trends, which, however, was performed with great sincerity, ”- emphasized the jurors.

“It was a pleasure to be at this festival. We were proud to be in such an excellent group at a festival that calls for such good performances in such difficult times and we are delighted to be a part of such a celebration” – said the award winning Show Director and Director Festival People’s Theater Magorzata Pogagywska. She thanked the band and said they would repeat what they said a few years ago when receiving the “The Secret Life of Friedmans” award. Marcin Wirzechowski. “I love this theater” – she admitted.

The “Uncle Wanya” party was full of awards. Jadwiga Lesiak was awarded a special award (worth 2000 PLN) for the role of the old nanny Marina. The jury found that she brilliantly played an elderly woman in clinical depression, emphasizing definitively the dark side of human existence condemned to fragility and impermanence.

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For the role of Mikhail Astrov, the acting award (worth 5,000 PLN) was awarded to Pyotr Vranasovich, who “giving his hero charm, fragility and anxiety, created a new look for the classic hero.”

The jurors will also appreciate Maja Bankiewicz for the way she portrayed Sonia in this performance (prize: PLN 5,000). “The actress created a whole role for a young heroine who is trying to control her aspirations and fantasies” – they decided. Piotr Pilitowski received an acting award (worth 5,000 PLN) for the role of Uncle Wanja and “creating a deep and poignant interpretation of a man in a midlife crisis”.

The Acting Award (Zloty 5,000) for Best Actor in Post-Drama Script was awarded to Sebastian Pawlak for his role in “Onko”, a production of TR Warszawa directed by Wironica Szkowenska “for his sensitive interpretation of his struggle with cancer”.

Łukasz Schimdt accepts the acting award (worth 5,000 PLN) for his role as Father Flute in Teatr Nowy im Czerwony Nos (Red Noses). Tadeusz Łomnicki in Pozna, der. Jean Klata. The jurors concluded that “the actor used all his great talents, knowledge and energy in this performance” and that nothing could stand in his way, noting that “the performance will not stop even after the end of the world.”

At the festival, Danuta Stenka was also recognized for the role of Charlotte in the “Autumn Sonata” of the National Theater in Warsaw (prize 5000 PLN) “for her ability to appear on stage at the same time – strong and weak, ugly and beautiful, sensitive and oppressive, Ara for virtuosity Musical, but without music, only one face. ” One of the jurors – Harris Bachovich – said in a statement that he did not participate in the vote on this performance.

The Text Authors Prize (value 5,000 PLN) was awarded to Małgorzata Wdowik and Weronika Murek for “Shame”, which was produced at Nowy Teatr in Warsaw, and the Artistic Visionary Performance Prize (worth 5,000 PLN) was awarded to the designation of designer Bartolomaus M. Klebec, and director Photographer Wolfgang Masher and costume designer Carolina Mazur for the play “Tiki and Other Games”, Der. Dominica Knabeck of the Wroclaw Mime Theatre.

Oana Cristea Grigorescu, on behalf of the jurors, read a letter in which they asserted that “in the nearly two years of the pandemic, when the survival of artists and theaters has been tested, and the return of this version of the Divine Comedy, this neighborhood presents new arguments that theater has value in society.” At the same time, it shows how fragile the theater is from a technical point of view.” “We want to appeal to decision makers to continue creating conditions that allow artists to be represented,” wrote the jury members.

The announcement also said that while the jury did not know the details, they were “aware of an ethical issue affecting this year’s Divine Comedy Festival” and “express their full support for all victims.” (It’s about the decision, which was widely commented on in social media, to show Bowie Pasini’s “The Most Beautiful of the East” – PAP at the festival). “Ethical values ​​must always accompany the aesthetic” – the jurors emphasized.

In the “Paradiso” section, eight prizes (the value of which are 5,000 PLN each) were awarded to young female directors, as well as to students of the acting departments of theater schools. The shows were judged by a jury made up of Julian Arab, Christina Savicini, Peter Karp and Carlos Aladro.

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The cast of “The Club” won two awards, directed by Weronika Szczawińska from the Warsaw Theater Academy and TR Warszawa. The award went to the whole team: Tomasz Fryzeł, Piotr Froń, Kinga Bobkowska and Adam Borysowicz for the film Safe Place from the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre.

The jurors also appreciated the performances: “Hey U” directed by Agnieszka Glińska from the Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow; Director Wiktor Bagiński for “Heart” by TR Warszawa, Director Beniamin Bukowski for “Ariana” from the National Stary Theatre, the acting group for “Darwin or the Children of Evolution” directed by Magda Miklash of Warsaw Theater Academy, Bialystok Branch and Ramona Nagabczyńska for “SILENZIO!” From the new theater in Warsaw.

The festival partners are the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Organizers of aźnia Nowa Theater and the City of Krakow (PAP)

Author: Małgorzata Wosion

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