Cummings, who was one of the principal architects of the Brexit campaign, accused Johnson on his blog of trying to block the investigation into a shutdown leak because it could harm his fiancée, girlfriend Carrie Symonds. This, otherwise, was to be the main person responsible for Cummings’ departure from the Prime Minister’s advisory team.

Additionally, Cummings wrote that the prime minister was trying to persuade conservative donors to pay for the renovation of his apartment at 10 Downing Street.

Johnson’s press service denied the allegations.

Cummings attacked the Prime Minister the day after the news appeared in the media, claiming it was from a Downing Street informant that he was the one who leaked private text messages the prime minister had exchanged with billionaire James Dyson. They showed that Johnson had promised him to “fix” Dyson employees’ tax woes.

The opposition Labor Party described the conflict between the prime minister and his former chief adviser as a “battle in the sack”, indicating a lack of respect for the British.

Cummings resigned his position as an advisor to Johnson last November, with immediate effect.

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Previously he played a key role in the Brexit vote campaign ahead of the 2016 Brexit referendum, and was appointed by Johnson as key advisor immediately upon becoming prime minister.

He was seen as a gray eminence on Downing Street. It is difficult to deny his political sense, but the controversy was about the great influence he had on Johnson, especially since he was not subject to parliamentary scrutiny as an advisor, as well as his position that was seen as arrogant.