A strong blast of tepid air, accompanied by snowfall in some places, reached Europe. It spread over a vast area – until it reached the Balkans. This is a completely surprising change in weather, because the heat records for March were shattered a few days earlier.

In the past week, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Luxembourg saw exceptionally high temperatures, higher than records set in years in March. On the last day of the month in Paris, thermometers showed 25.5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature on record this month for Europe.

The temperature, which seemed more like summer than spring, was soon replaced by the sudden burst of cold air.

In Italy and the Balkans

Some computer models even indicate possible snowfall in Venice and the Mediterranean coast. Snow is also expected in Turkey and the Black Sea.

The cold front of Scandinavia has already made itself felt in Italy. In the city of Trieste in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, there was snowfall and strong winds caused blows. Due to arctic air flow, snowfall can occur even in low-lying areas.

The services called on drivers to adapt their speed and driving style to the road conditions and to maintain a safe distance between vehicles. Even the Croatian Meteorological Department released a special statement regarding the sudden change in the weather.

The average precipitation in Belgium on Tuesday was 15 cm. According to the forecast, there will be more of them. Road services ensured that the plows and sand spreaders were ready.

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There were great difficulties on the roads in Slovenia. The causes were poor vision and a slippery surface. Some highways had to be closed.

The high winds also hampered the weather, which accelerated up to 90 kilometers per hour.
Meteorologists agree that snowfall in April is not an anomaly. What is of concern, however, is the large flow of cold air, which can cause a lot of frost in some places.