GOne-time bankruptcy is a pity. Bankruptcy twice looks like neglect. Drive your companies into bankruptcy Six times as muchYet, as Donald Trump has done, he makes you a brilliant businessman.

This is according to the president of the United States, anyway. Trump, who describes himself as the “king of debt,” is proud of his multiple trade bankruptcy and brags too much about it How does he have “brilliantly “Corporate bankruptcy laws In order to evade the financial obligations of his companies. Time and time again, Trump has succeeded in making others – employeesAnd investors and Banks Paying for his failures. Trump, who has never declared his personal bankruptcy, has managed to protect his assets and move on to the next fiasco.

But it is Teflon Without Luck runs out at the end? With a few days left until the US election, Trump faces a potential set of financial pressures. His business empire was hit hard by the epidemic; According to a recent report by Washington PostTrump’s golf clubs and hotels are virtually empty, they did not do well before the pandemic: New York times’ Trump Tax Investigation Last month he found out that his businesses were losing money at an amazing rate. (Seriously, what kind of genius is investing heavily in a dying sport Like golf?)

Then there’s the fact that Trump is in the middle of a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over a $ 72.9 million tax refund he claimed in 2010; If the IRS rules against him, he may We owe more than $ 100 million. On top of all that, Trump has the least $ 400 million in loans With installments due in the next four years. In fact, this number might be optimistic: Forbes estimates that he owes more than $ 1 billion.

Can Trump pay all of his loans? Certainly, he says. At a City Council meeting earlier this month, Trump claimed that his commercial loans formed a basis Small percentAge “of his net worth. Of course, whatever comes out of that guy’s mouth has to be taken with several piles of salt. The truth is, Trump’s finances are a mystery wrapped in a mystery hidden inside Huge number Mysterious fictitious companies Navy Bank accounts. Nobody knows exactly how much money the president has. While we know that he owes large amounts of Deutsche Bank (At least $ 320 million) And a real estate investment fund called Ladder Capital (at least $ 113 million), it’s not clear who owes the money.

Much has been said about how, if Trump wins a second term, his debts are huge Competing interests. However, we all know Trump is not fazed by morality. If he got another four years, one would imagine that he would find it easy to pay off his loans. But what if he loses? Will the banks be too eager to renegotiate the terms of their agreements with him? One of the reasons Trump has failed to rise is his brand value. Buildings bearing his name were sold at a higher price; Financial summary released by Trump in 2015 Rate the “real estate licensing deal, branding, and branded developments” at $ 3.3 billion. But in the past few years, the Trump brand has been kicked in. Actually, his name was Stripped from a number of buildings Because It has become a responsibility Instead of assets.

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If Trump loses the election, he will likely lose everything. He may face many legal problems. There is a chance not to be underestimated he is They may end up in prison. (Joe Biden promised that if he became president, he is He will not pardon Trump If convicted of any crimes.) If Trump avoids prison, he may not be able to escape his debt. It could be the dance at the end. Sure, no one knows how much money Trump has, but this is clearly an election he cannot afford to lose.