When the hurricane approached on Friday, some workers in the candle factory Mayfield Consumer Products (MCP)After hearing the sirens, they wanted to leave the building. According to at least five of them, their superiors warned them that they would be fired if they left before the end of the shift, he said. NBC News.

As the station reported news of the upcoming item, 15 employees asked their superiors to let them take refuge in their homes. Some of them feared for safety, and when they were refused, they left regardless of the repercussions of that.

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At least eight people died. The factory was razed to the ground, leaving only the wreckage of the factory – NBC News confirms.

The first warning sound of the siren was heard around Friday. 17.30. The tornado didn’t come until a few hours later.

An employee of this company is 21 years old McKayla EmeryThe one who was injured at the hospital said she stayed at the facility to earn extra cash, but others wanted to go home. However, they had heard from their superiors that they could be fired from their jobs.

If you leave, you will most likely be fired. (…) I heard it with my own ear – I argued.

Emery’s words were confirmed by other employees, including 20-year-old Elijah Johnson, who wanted to go home with several colleagues. “I asked permission to leave and they said I would be fired. (…) Even in such weather, would you still fire me?” , asked: “Yes,” the director replied, quoting Johnson. Adding that the company denies the allegations.

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– That’s not true at all. (…) We have had a policy in place since the beginning of Covid. Bob Ferguson, a spokesperson for the MCP, said employees can leave at any time and return the next day.