Choosing the track for the Grand Prix Challenge final can evoke the greatest emotions. Next season, players who wish to qualify for promotion to the Singles World Series will compete in Glasgow, Scotland. Polish motorcyclists who lost a friendly match with the British a few weeks ago were brutally convinced that this deck was not the easiest.

So far, the most important decisions have been made in the Gran Prix series at Motoarena in Toruń. Next year, the season is set to end on a different continent, but Toruń fans shouldn’t be disappointed. It turned out that on September 30 in the stadium. Marianne Rose, the final round of the Junior World Singles Championships will take place. This competition will be held under the name SGP2.

This is the provisional calendar for the Highway Championships, as published by the FIM:

Rounds of the 2022 Grand Prix Speedway:

April 30: Grand Prix Gorican (Croatia).

May 14: Grand Prix in Warsaw (Poland).

May 28: Grand Prix in Prague (Czech Republic).

June 4: Grand Prix Teterow (Germany).

June 25: Grand Prix of Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland).

July 9: Grand Prix Togliatti (Russia)

August 13: Grand Prix Cardiff (UK)

August 27: Wrocław Grand Prix (Poland).

September 10: Grand Prix Vojens (Denmark)

September 17: Mallilla Grand Prix (Sweden)

October 1: Grand Prix in Toruń (Poland).

November 5: Grand Prix of Oceania (competition venue to be determined)

World Junior Singles Championship – SGP2:

May 7: Qualifying round in Daugavpils (Latvia).

May 7: Qualifying round, Jeslavid (Sweden).

May 7: Qualifying round, Kresko (Slovenia)

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May 27: 1st Final in Prague (Czech Republic)

August 14: Second Final in Cardiff (UK)

September 30: Third Final, Torun (Poland)

FIM Speedway World Youth Championship – SGP3

August 25: 1 semi-final, Wrocław (Poland)

August 25: 2 semi-finals in Wroclaw (Poland)

August 26: Final in Wroclaw (Poland).

Qualification for the Speedway Grand Prix 2023

June 6: Qualifying stage in Abensberg (Germany).

June 11: Qualifying round, Rivne (Ukraine)

June 11: Nagyalas (Hungary) qualifiers.

June 11: Qualifying round in Sarnovica (Slovakia).

August 20: SGP Challenge Final, Glasgow (UK)