In the women’s Olympic volleyball final, two teams that were gold contenders met before the games began. The Brazilians won – before reaching the final – all seven matches, losing only four sets. In turn, the Americans scored six victories and one defeat (0:3 with the Russian Olympic Committee). The Americans were the favorites in the direct battle for gold.

It was the representatives of the United States who brilliantly began the struggle for victory in Tokyo. The Brazilians lost at the start of the first set completely, which was used by the Americans who led 6:1. Brazil was not without purely mathematical arguments, and scored points when the American players made mistakes (as many as nine of them in the first set). The Americans maintained the lead and started the battle for gold with the set they won.

For the second group, the Brazilians came out with even more motivation. They started with enthusiasm and developed two useful points. But then everything started to fall apart. There were minor errors, inaccuracies and bad attacks. All this made the Americans jump quickly to the 20:11 lead. Brazil coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes has faced an infernal challenge to revitalize his team. He only succeeded in a small part – the Brazilians regained a few points, but the victory was very far away. The American team won by 25:20 and were one step closer to the gold medal.

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In the third group, the story repeated almost perfectly. When it was 7:7, the Americans switched to a higher speed and were confidently marching towards Olympic gold. They scored six points in a row, were 13:7 ahead and didn’t think about slowing down. The Brazilians finally broke completely and surrendered to the group without a fight. The American players won in a ratio of 25:14 and could enjoy the gold medal.

Volleyball players from the United States played a great match. From the start, they delivered an equally high standard. The Brazilians could not threaten them even for a moment. For the United States, it is already the 39th gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics.

Brazil – USA 0:3 (21:25, 20:25, 14:25)

Brazil: Fernanda Silva, Caroline de Oliveira, Ana Carolina, Fernanda Rodriguez, Gabriela Braga Guimaraes, Rosmaria Montebeller, Camila Bright (Libero), Roberta Ratzky, Natalia Pereira, Anna Beatriz, Ana Chris Menezes Oliveira

United States of America: Jordan Poulter, Follock Akenradio, Haley Washington, Jordan Larson, Michelle Barch-Hackley, Andrea Drews, Justin Wong Orientes (Libro), Kimberly Hill