March 11, 2022, 5:50 pm

Remember the player who defeated the Elden Ring trainer using the Switch fitness accessory? Face another “boss” – this time a dragon – and use bananas to fight.

In short:

  • YouTuber with the alias Super Louis defeated 64 certain president z elden ring – Agheel’s flying dragon – with a controller made of bananas;
  • The netizen used eleven fruits to create it.

before a while we wrote About the fact that a YouTuber with the title Super Louis 64 defeated w elden ring Known as the President Darriwil, knight dependent (Bloodhound Knight Darriwil) using a custom fitness ring for the game A ring fit for adventure Released on Switch. By the way, we mentioned that a creative surfer It happened pass Dark Souls III With a controller made of banana. Now those sources of potassium Leave Used again – to defeat the first dragon in elden ring.

It happened two days ago. Super Louis 64 Use eleven fruitsIn order to “simulate” the most important functions of the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5. The netizen said that to give a full experience of using the PS5 gamepad, it required a total of 24 bananas.

elden ring Collects almost the same as “Dishi”, which in fact We have immortalized it in the drawings. Our review of the game – by Karol Laska – can be found at the link below.

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But let’s move on to the president. It is relatively easy to defeat the aforementioned Darriwil, so Super Louis 64 decided to increase the challenge and face the first dragon that can be encountered in the game. Flying Dragon for Agile (Flying Dragon Agheel) – this is the full name of this boss (or rather a small trainer) – you can meet literally five minutes after starting your adventure in the open world elden ring. And this does not mean that defeating him will be easy – on the contrary, for many it turns out to be at least problematic, if not impossible.

Super Louis 64 played a slightly advanced character – equipped with appropriate equipment or bottle of scarlet tears +3, which he can use six times. However, in order not to be too easy, the netizen did not use Ghost Ashes. How did he do? How many attempts do I need? Watch for yourself in the video below – the battle against Agheel begins 2:49.