A mess around the US elections. Evacuate Congress. Direct report >>>

In December of last year, voters from individual states were voted. Democratic candidate Joe Biden He got 306 votes, and he held the position President Donald Trump 232 votes. But under the Constitution, Congress must formally recalculate the results of the vote.

In the event of an objection by at least one member of the House of Representatives and one member of the Senate, the Houses of Parliament are required to hold a two-hour debate. A group of Republican politicians objected to the vote in Arizona and announced similar conclusions on the Georgia and Pennsylvania issue.

It is practically impossible to change the election result. Rejecting electoral votes from a particular country requires a majority in both houses, which is not enjoyed by applicants.

Counting the electoral votes in Congress

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has harshly criticized the actions of his colleagues in his party. In his speech to the Chamber, McConnell noted that supporters of Donald Trump did not present evidence of major election fraud and lost all lawsuits. According to McConnell, the undermining of the presidential election by Congress would spell the end of American democracy.

In front of the Capitol, there were crowds of protesters, supporting Donald Trump and convinced of electoral fraud. Some of the crowd pressed the fence. In the end, a group of protesters managed to enter and appear in front of the meeting room Senate.