Vladimir Putin announced to residents of the Russian Federation that he does not intend to wish Biden. The Kremlin spokesman helped him provide this information. Dmitry Peskov indicated why in 2022 Americans should not be treated as allies, but as representatives of an enemy state.

Soured relations between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. It’s getting worse

As Dmitry Peskov explained, after his compatriots attacked a neighboring country, the United States sided with Ukraine. Many countries followed suit, additionally withdrawing their companies from Russia or imposing a ban on the import of valuable products.

This year, congratulations are hardly appropriate. The reason is the hostile policy of the United States – explained Dmitry Peskov (The Independent).

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And Joe Biden is not indebted to Vladimir Putin and members of his cabinet. During the Madrid summit last week, with the participation of heads of state, he made a speech critical of Russia. Putin accused that as a result of his deliberate actions, gas prices have risen dramatically and that the world is suffering from a global food crisis.

As a result, Russia is ultimately responsible for the rise in gas prices. Russia, Russia, Russia. Russia is the cause of the food crisis. Speaking in Madrid, Joe Biden (The Independent), NATO will stand by Ukraine.

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