On Tuesday, President Andrzej Duda met John Kerry, the US president’s special envoy for climate. Photo by Jacob Chemczuk / KPRP

Government spokesman Peter Mueller announced that issues related to energy and renewables, as well as the geopolitical situation will be the main topics of Tuesday’s conversation between Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the US president’s climate envoy, John Kerry. Andrei Duda has already met with Keri,

The meeting with the Prime Minister is scheduled to start on 16.20. Earlier, John Kerry met with President Andrzej Duda, which was announced by the presidential advisory on Twitter.

The main topics of the talks will be “issues related to energy, the geopolitical situation and the agenda related to renewable energy sources but also stable energy sources,” the government spokesperson said at Tuesday’s press conference. “In order to properly secure Poland, but not only Poland in terms of energy supply, in terms of energy” – added Muller.

He stressed that “the United States is one of the important partners” when it comes to energy security in Poland.

John Kerry served as United States Secretary of State during the presidency of Barack Obama in 2012-2017.

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