Japan’s Kyodo News reported that day that a Chinese warship chased a Russian warship on Monday off Japanese territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. According to the Japanese government, this is an apparent attempt to prove that Beijing controls the islands belonging to Japan.

The Chinese frigate swam in the so-called area adjacent to the uninhabited islands over which Beijing claims rights. This happened from 7.44am for about six minutes. The Japanese Defense Ministry said it was chasing a Russian warship that entered Japanese territorial waters.

China’s movement ‘increases tension’ and creates ‘seriously worrying situation’

A ministry official said the Russian ship was in Japanese waters from 5-7 to 8.16 and may have done so to avoid a typhoon. He added that by creating an appearance he would patrol his territory China They may have tried to establish their territorial claim to the Senkaku Islands. This movement “unilaterally increases tension” and creates a “seriously worrying situation”.

After the incident, which occurred in the wake of China’s increasing naval assertiveness and the consolidation of Sino-Russian military ties, Tokyo lodged a protest in Beijing. Japan “It will respond ‘firmly but calmly’ to similar moves,” the protest note wrote.

The dispute over the Senkaku Islands

For the first time since June 2016, the entry of Chinese and Russian warships into the contiguous zone was observed around the same time. Japan did not protest RussiaGiven that the state does not have any claims to the Senkaku, as well as the fact that the Russian frigate entered the hinterland to avoid a hurricane. Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, quoting a foreign ministry source, said Tokyo also called on Moscow through diplomatic channels to “respond appropriately” while expressing “strong interest” in Russia’s recent moves around the Senkaku.

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The Senkaku Islands belong to Japan, but China claims its rights. Chinese ships repeatedly entered Japanese waters around the islands. Japan has repeatedly made official protests against this behavior.

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