Drivers don’t see something like this every day: a tank suddenly collapses on the A3. Reason: technical glitch.

Everyone comments on the track: It was very unusual that on Tuesday afternoon the “broke” on the A3 in the direction of Regensburg (Bavaria) was a Stryker wheeled infantry fighting vehicle of the US Army.

The multi-ton truck was stuck in the middle of the day between the junction of Oberolsbach and Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. According to a reporter at the scene, a US unit car had a broken steering wheel. That is why the four-axle tank is stuck in the right lane.

Some of the American soldiers continued on foot part of the way. (Source: vifogra/Haubner)

With combined forces, the wheeled infantry fighting vehicle was brought to the hard shoulder, where it was to remain until repaired or towed away. Then the soldiers sitting in the tank covered part of the road on foot – while the usual A3 traffic was already rolling by.

The US Army maintains several locations in Regensburg, including a military hospital, several barracks, and an air base. The reason for moving the tank on the A3 on Tuesday was not known at first.

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