Lawyers for Alexei Navalny said his health was unfavorable. The Russian opponent is in severe pain. In addition, the right leg is practically disabled. Navalny said in statements to him that he was denied medical treatment in the criminal prison and deprived of sleep.

information about Poor health Alexey Navalny His lawyers introduced them to them after Thursday’s visit to the penal colony in Pokrov. A political activist was imprisoned there.

Russia. Alarming health of Alexei Nolani

Alexei Navalny did an MRI on Wednesday. His lawyer, Olga Mikhailovna, said the Russian lawyer had not received the diagnosis. She added that his health began to deteriorate a month ago.


“His health, in my opinion, is very unfavorable. He suffers from severe pain in his back and right leg. The calf is numb and his leg is out of order,” – said Olga Mikhailovna.

On the other hand, Vadim Kobzio, the second lawyer for the Russian opposition activist, wrote on social media that Navalny “complains of severe back pain every day for four weeks, and has clearly not received any medical treatment.”

Copzio added that Alexey Navalny They do not cure, but they are “clearly using a strategy to harm his health.” This, according to his estimation, led to complications. The Russian opponent loses sensation in his right leg and suffers from severe pain. The lawyer added, “The leg stops responding.” Copzio said Nolani could move on crutches.

The Federal Prison Service (FSIN) press service reported Thursday that on March 24, inmates – including Alexei Navalny – were examined in the Pokrov settlement in the Volodymyr region. His health condition was assessed as “stable and satisfactory”. On Wednesday, the lawyer for the political activist was not accepted.


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Alexei Navalny demanded a doctor enter him

Attorneys Alexey Navalny He made his statement. The opponent demanded the admission of doctor Alexei Barinov. In addition, the lawyer wants to stop his sleep deprivation in the criminal prison.


Nawalani demanded in his first statement to enter the paramedic. It also calls for the necessity of monitoring the criminal prison, due to the regular denial of medical treatment. The lawyer added that only ibuprofen has been removed from his medication. The statement added that the neurologist who studied Alexei Navalny on March 19, 2021, had not informed him of the diagnosis. The Russian stated in the letter that his health was deteriorating significantly.

The second document, on the other hand, was addressed to the head of the FSIN, Alexander Kalashnikov. Alexei Navalny demanded that he be prevented from waking him every hour in the penal colony. This is how officers control “ready to flee” prisoners. The political activist said, “I am already being tortured by depriving me of sleep,” referring to the prisoners’ eight-hour sleep sentences.

It is reported that Alexei Navalny was arrested in mid-January 2021 when he returned to Russia from Germany. Will spend about 2.5 years in a penal colony.

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