Hundreds of soldiers who have arrived in Kabul are still stationed at Kabul airport Afghanistan As part of the mission NATO. However, they will soon return to the country – and their evacuation has just begun.

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Turkish official: Taliban asked for technical assistance in managing Kabul airport

According to Reuters, President Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan He said Turkish forces could remain at Kabul airport if the authorities requested it Afghanistan – Turkish media reported in mid-August. The Taliban requested technical support in managing the airport in KabulA high-ranking Turkish official clarified, stressing that the Taliban’s demand for Turkish forces to leave Afghanistan would greatly complicate any mission. He added that ensuring the safety of workers without the Turkish Armed Forces is a risky task. He explained that talks are currently underway with the Taliban, in the meantime, preparations for the withdrawal of forces have been completed.

Kabul. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ends the evacuation. The last two planes will go to Poland

“We want a good relationship with TurkeyAnd rz ± dem and the Muslim population of the Turkish nation. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Tuesday (24 August) that the Turkish forces stationed in Afghanistan do not need them in our country, and after the evacuation is completed, we will secure the airport ourselves.”

US Embassy in Kabul.  Americans should avoid Kabul airportUS Embassy alert. Americans must leave Kabul airport “immediately”.

Turkish forces evacuated from Kabul

The Turkish evacuation has begun forces From Kabul, which will take 36 hours. After several contacts and an assessment of the current situation and conditions, the evacuation of the elements began [tureckich sił zbrojnych – red.]- Turkish reported Ministry of Defense Quoted from Al Jazeera satellite channel. In addition, President Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin confirmed the Taliban’s request for technical assistance and said that negotiations on this matter are still ongoing.

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