Joe Biden will travel to Europe on Thursday, and on Friday he will meet with Pope Francis. The meeting will be divided into two parts – formal and personal. According to the PAP, the talks between the President of the United States and the Pope are related to combating climate change, immigration problems and social inequality.

W the last one During this period, there were also tensions between Biden and the American Church. All because of the right to miscarriage But in the United States, presidential adviser Jake Sullivan did not directly respond to reporters’ question if the topic would come up during a meeting with the Pope.

Joe Biden is also scheduled to meet with the President of France and the Prime Minister of Italy on Friday. American head of state I want This way to underscore the importance of a proper transatlantic relationship for her.

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Biden’s second foreign talks are set to dominate policy coordination toward Iran, due to the stalemate in negotiations over return of the Iran Nuclear Program Agreement (JCPOA), as well as the issue of setting a global minimum rate tax on the income of telecommunications and information technology companies.

The president hopes to receive the most important blessing Countries of the world For this historic initiative – said Jake Sullivan, quoted by PAP.


The President will focus as much as possible on supply chains and energy prices, Because he knowsThese matters, Sullivan added, matter to working families here in America.

Joe Biden is also expected to appear at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, scheduled for November 1. The US president wants to call on countries to take concrete action to combat climate change.