eFootball is a production announced in July that aims to take virtual football to a whole new level. On the occasion of the continuation of gamescom, the creators shared new materials.

It was one of the loudest ads in July Show eFootball – The producers decided on the free-to-play model, which from the very beginning aroused great controversy among loyal PES supporters. Studies ads add to the fire Master League is available as a paid update.

However, Konami is slowly preparing for its fall premiere and offering virtual football fans a new show, and this year’s Gamescom is the perfect moment to introduce what’s new. In the latest material, we will look at all the mechanics that will improve the feel of the players’ movements and a more realistic gameplay on the field.

eFootball will feature several solutions that, the developers said, will “take the game to the next level of football simulation.” Players will control the power of passes and shots, while thanks to intuitive commands, they will use a lot of dribbling. And to make the game more dynamic, “playing with the body” will become an indispensable element of it – both at the offensive and defensive level.

The developers confirmed that they paid a lot of attention to 1v1 duels and possible scenarios, and the camera will allow you to get a closer look at the indicated clashes. There are also special shots – sharp crosses and fast passes.

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