Anyone shopping at Home Bargains will know that it is an absolute goldmine of affordable, exciting products.

From Mrs. Hensch’s favorite cleaning products, to Yankee candles and branded makeup, you’ll be hard-pressed to leave the store without finding a bargain floating on your boat.

But according to a former employee, the store sometimes discount things to as little as a penny.

Grace Payne has worked at Home Bargains for two years, and she says you can sometimes get items for 1p if you know how.

She told Fabulous: “If the stock has been in the store for a while, it will often be discounted because they might try to stop it.

“So sometimes it’s worth waiting to see if a price has gone down – you can even get it for a penny.”

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Grace went on to explain that you can also request discounts if you notice defective items.

She said, “If you think something is wrong, tell the manager – he’ll take you seriously and often offer a discount.”

It is important to note that discounts are not guaranteed and will always be at the manager’s discretion. But don’t ask, you don’t get, right ?!