Sage (Bayern Munich) – This check pays off!

On Wednesday evening, the Allgäu border police found and seized cash, gold and diamonds with a total value of nearly 200,000 euros.

The couple was traveling from Italy to Belgium by car. Then the check is at 7:45pm. The Belgian (45) and her Indian husband (47) fell into contradictions during a survey.

Investigators became suspicious. Bundles of money were found in several places in the car and in the luggage during the search. Total amount: 93,000 euros.

Officers also found two ziplock bags containing the diamonds in the driver’s bag. Value: about 49,000 euros.

And that’s not all. The policemen found a total of one kilogram of gold in the Belgian and Indian socks, worth 54,000 euros.

Makes a total of nearly 200,000.

Now the police are checking

“The two residents could not give a reasonable explanation as to the origin of the valuables,” says the police in South/West Swabia. Therefore, the officers secured all the items.

The criminal police in Memmingen took over the investigation into suspected money laundering.

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