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A 32-year-old man died in a knife attack in Neustadt am Rubenberg (Hanover region) and a 44-year-old woman was injured. The alleged perpetrator was arrested.

According to police, the 21-year-old got into a fight with the 32-year-old on a street around 6pm on Friday. Then the man was stabbed. A 44-year-old woman who was at the scene was also injured. She came to the hospital.

Pizza employees beat the culprits

After the knife attack, the 32-year-old fled to a pizzeria. The perpetrator followed him there. When he entered the restaurant, the police said, the staff overpowered him and detained him. The patrol car crew who happened to be nearby also rushed to the pizzeria because they heard screams.

Background is blurred

Reportedly, the 32-year-old, who was seriously injured, tried to escape from the pizzeria and collapsed in front of the restaurant. He died while being transported to the hospital. It remains unclear why the men clashed and how the 44-year-old became involved in the fray. It is also not known whether the victim and the alleged perpetrator knew each other.

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