For a long time, the Xbox Cloud Gaming service was only available for Android mobile devices. This situation changed in June when trafi³a It is also for iOS platforms and PC. However, it was only possible to use it through the browser. Now another came they change ?? You can start streaming games directly through the Xbox app.

This is a big help as it allows Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to easily browse titles in an already known app and play them in the cloud with a single click. You don’t have to worry about hardware requirements, but only their internet speed. Games are streamed at 1080p and 60fps.

Unfortunately, the service is not available to everyone yet. Only members of the Xbox Insider Program can use the program. At the same time, they must be Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription holders. Additionally, Cloud Gaming is only supported in 22 countries so far. Fortunately, Poland was on this short list.

Now it is also necessary to have a suitable controller. Playing with a mouse and keyboard is not possible, because streaming games from Microsoft are supported across Xbox Series X consoles. However, it is possible that this situation will change in the future and we will see the possibility of playing with traditional PCs.

Information on how to join the Xbox Insider Program can be found on the official program the side.

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