What do you know about the wife of the new hero?

Only yesterday, the skills and appearance of the new hero were revealed. With his character already featured in League of Legends, this isn’t another regular premiering. Ruined King’s story revolves around Vi, and the developers have already announced that three futuristic characters will also link to him. At this point, a theory was born that the hero’s wife should be one of them. What can attest to this?

Isolde – the wife of the sixth

There are several things that can prove that Isolde will be a future hero. Riot appears to be winking in the face of the community in both content discussing developers’ plans for the game and an animated film featuring LoL heroes.

In the cinema you can see, among other things, the struggle of Sina and Lucien, who are fighting Vigo and his army. The latter tries to recover his beloved’s soul.

I have endured my death and devastation to return to him. My queen was returned. She is all my world.

You can read more about the character of his wife in the biography of the hero.

He showed no interest in his position until he met poor seamstress Isolde. He liked her beauty so much that the young king suggested her. Thus, one of the most powerful rulers of that time married a peasant girl.

A deadly black mist flows freely from Vi’s broken heart, tearing life away from whatever it touches, and using the mist to search the world in some way to bring Isolde back to his side.

There have been many references to Isolde in the English announcement of the upcoming heroes released this year. Reav3 mentions a character made for overhead aisle, who might not accidentally use the phrase “specially designed”.

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Moving forward, he talks about increasing the diversity of the upper aisle by designing AP fighters. Once again, he is not using random words, saying “Cut a larger area …” while making a gesture suggesting the use of scissors. When he talks about setting up another hero associated with a king destroyed, he uses the phrase “We’ve started sewing together …”.

All the lines that can be heard from Rioter’s lips undoubtedly refer to the career of Vi darling. tailor He is just a tailor Sternum – trim, prof sewing – stitching. Plus, the material included some really suggestive graphics.

The brooch wears a metallic symbol similar to the symbol VI wears on his ring and sword.

But to whom is this hero supposed to be loyal – Viego? Or maybe Cena and Lucian in the fight for hope?

Rioter’s words above can be understood after watching the latest blockbuster movie. The world of Runeterra is now in a struggle between Vi forces and everything in its path. Heroes from all lands will have to stand up to them if they want to live in the world they have known so far. The designer’s opinion indicates that a destroyed king could have an ally, and this supports the theory that his wife beats the game. This, in turn, is almost certain if the above codes are combined.