The International Cricket Council (ICC) is making efforts to bring the sport into the LA Games schedule in 2028. The Olympic cricket competition has only been held once so far, in 1900 in Paris.

International Chamber of Commerce Chairman Greg Barclay stated that cricket has over a billion fans worldwide. “Nearly 90 per cent of them want to watch cricket at the Olympics,” he added.

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The vast majority of fans of this discipline come from South Asia. Cricket is very popular including. In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Barkley confirmed that if cricket is on Los Angeles IO 2028, it will be great news for its 30 million fans in the United States.

“We think cricket will be a great addition to the Olympics, although we know that many other great sports want to go there as well,” he admitted.

Cricket made its Olympic debut in 1900, but only two teams played in the Paris Championships – Great Britain (first place) and France (second).

Four disciplines made their debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: sports climbing, karate and skateboarding. There has also been a comeback – baseball/softball is back on the Olympic program after 13 years.


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