Witcher fans, after watching the second season of the series on Netflix, are calling for model Lauren S. Hissrich to be fired. There was a petition about it.

The next season of The Witcher, after a two-year hiatus, debuted on Netflix. It’s been enough time since Friday to read eight episodes of 50-60 minutes each. Fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books are not satisfied.

Fans are angry at The Witcher

The first season has already caused a lot of controversy, but the second season only intensifies the discussions between opponents and supporters of the series. The first complains in the first place about a strong departure from the plot of the books. I don’t want to reveal too much, but Netflix’s work is actually very different from Sapkowski’s and these aren’t just cosmetic changes.

It got to the point that fans of The Witcher created a petition demanding the dismissal of the presenter – Lauren S. Hissrich. This was created after the first season premiere, but is now gaining popularity again.

We, fans and admirers of the Witcher universe, demand the management of Netflix to remove Lauren Schmidt Hissrich from the position of showrunner for the Witcher series.

We read the introduction to the petition.

We later learned, according to the petition’s authors, that Lauren S. Hissrich treats the world of The Witcher lightly, ignoring its basic principles, as well as the opinions of fans. Fans say that too The viewer has created work that is of very low quality, or even shameful, for both Netflix itself and the Witcher universe.

The text that she and her team wrote at the children’s level. It’s full of logical, totally stupid, ripped, and irrelevant loopholes, and also has been completely rewritten (for some unknown reason) important plot points to the original source. This would be acceptable for a low-budget and little-known series, but not for the world-famous The Witcher. Instead of a beautiful classic story from the first books about Geralt, we get fictional parts from the stories of other characters (Yennifer, Tris, etc.) that take more time on screen than the main character of the series – Geralt of Rivia . There are so many of them that the series should not be called The Witcher, but Jennifer.

– We read later in the petition.

Is that bad?

Will you do anything? Nothing at all. The authors of this petition should realize first of all that adaptation does not mean moving books from 1 to 1. Moreover, in the case of The Witcher, I don’t think that is possible.

Remember that each of us has a slightly different idea of ​​the world of the books we read. The written words give a lot of freedom of interpretation, which is not available in the case of the series. Here we get everything on the stairs, so it is clear that not everyone will be satisfied.

I fully understand the allegations of story changes. This is clear. The question is – is this a bug? Wouldn’t it be better to treat the series as a separate work that shows the world in its own way? It’s always something new and fresh. Because what would be the surprise for book lovers if everyone agreed exactly on the written pages?

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I do not recall the fact that the said petition, although it has been re-signed in recent days, has so far been unsuccessful. So far, it has been signed by less than 2,500 people, however it was created two years ago, to mark the first season premiere. Netflix must already be shivering with fear…

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